Benefits of Access Control Systems

card access control system

Access control systems is the perfect security system that enables you to monitor and track those entering and leaving your premises. Access control gives you the opportunity to monitor who enters and leaves and at what times. There are many great benefits to installing an access control system for your business including increased security. In…

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Security Systems for Commercial Offices

automatic gate installation

Investing in a security system for commercial offices is a must in today’s society. There are many different office security systems options to protect your office and keep your employees safe. The main precautions responsible businesses can take are installing CCTV cameras, access control, and external gates and barriers. Commercial security systems are an important…

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National Lockdown: The Best Time For Security Installations On Your Business Premises

turnstiles installer on site

Every business has seasonal peaks and troughs that you can generally set your watch and calendar by. But if any time-period can be described as unpredictable, it’s now. Covid 19 and the subsequent lockdowns that we are living through has put most business activity on the backburner. Yet the question we must ask is; Shouldn’t…

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Mesh Fencing or Palisade Security Fencing – Which Is Best for Your Business?

mesh panel fencing

If you are looking to install security fencing, you will most likely be choosing between mesh fencing and palisade fencing. Mesh fencing is frequently used for high-security areas such as prisons and psychiatric hospitals. Palisade fencing can be often seen outside schools and more publicly accessible areas like parks or industrial buildings. If you’re unsure…

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Automatic Sliding Gates | Post

swinging gates

Looking at gates for your home or business? There’s a lot of variety out there, which is great! But sometimes too much choice can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a few of the best and less-best points on some of the most popular gate choices right now. To start off, automatic sliding gates are always an…

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How do Bollards limit Pedestrian movement?

telescopic bollard

A short summary of the Traffic Advisory Leaflet May 2013 Ever wondered why there are seemingly random bollards in the middle of busy pedestrian areas or perhaps you’re a town planner and you’re looking for a quick rundown of the traffic advisory leaflet from May 2013 to determine where you should place bollards as a…

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The benefits of integrating Access Control Solutions with CCTV

CCTV security system

An access control system is vital for keeping trespassers out allowing you, as a business owner, to choose who has access to your premises. Access control is a fantastic way of maintaining a degree of security at your premises however, it works best when structured to work alongside your CCTV system. In this blog post,…

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Why do you need parking barriers?

car park barriers

Car parking barriers are used to control access to car parks at entrances and exits. Restricted access gives you an extra layer of security to your premises as they deter entry to unwanted visitors and vandals. It also restricts staffing costs, eliminates through traffic, and allows monitor of traffic in and out.  We will help you consider a few important factors including the…

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The History of CCTV

CCTV is something that has just become a feature of modern life. We’ve all waved at the camera in the supermarket to see ourselves on the screen behind the counter. But CCTV has obviously not been around since the dawn of time, in fact, the earliest documented use of CCTV wasn’t until 1942. We’re going to…

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Benefits of using CCTV

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) is a system in which a camera is used which signals are not publicly distributed but are monitored for surveillance and security purposes.   CCTV allows the system to use video cameras to monitor what is going on in or around a property.  This transmits the signal to either one monitor or a…

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