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Genie CCTV cameras safeguard St Albans Academy students

Expanding surveillance equipment provider Genie CCTV has supplied surveillance systems to St Alban’s Academy, situated near the centre of Birmingham. With origins dating back to 1871, this specialist engineering and maths academy was opened in September 2009, replacing St Alban’s CE Specialist Engineering College. It now forms part of the ARK Schools Network, which includes seven other academies.

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Why is Birmingham’s CCTV scheme ‘unlawful’?

Liberty believes the Project Champion CCTV scheme in Birmingham is not only wrong, but unlawful in its implementation.
Just occasionally, when the authorities get things wrong, someone is brave enough to say sorry. Assistant chief constable Sharon Rowe did that on Sunday. She had quite a lot to apologise for on behalf of West Midlands police.

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