Security Fence Panels for your Commercial Property

Commercial security fencing is one of the easiest ways to secure the perimeter of a commercial property. At Unison Integrated Technology Ltd. we offer a range of fencing alternatives to suit your site’s security needs. From prison mesh to palisade fencing, we have the capacity to suit all area types.

Why should I get security fencing?

Despite the obvious advantages of preventing vandalism and theft that come with fitting security fence panels, there are many hidden benefits. Unison’s commercial security fencing ensures the following benefits to your company, making it the number one choice for industrial fencing.

Works as a deterrent

Not only does it stop people who attempt to get into your property, but also stops those who were considering it before. Those who attempt to break into your commercial building might find they can’t get past the security fence panels and others may not even bother due to the inconvenience or danger surrounding entry. Companies have found that there have been less crime attempts when installing a security fence.

Identifying security risks before they happen

It’s hard to find the holes in your security system, particularly if you’re a big company in need of high security but keep getting compromised. Installing security fence panels is an easy way of finding the flaws in your system as we will analyse the current system you have in place, suggesting potential improvements as we install the security feature.

Making visitors and employees feel safe

Both visitors to the site and employees feel much safe when there are security measures in place to protect them against break ins. They are also more likely to return, and leave a positive review, if they feel safe.

What fencing is available from Unison?

At Unison, we offer a range of industrial fencing including prison mesh fencing and palisade fencing. Find out more about our fence options by clicking the buttons below.

prison mesh fencing

Prison Mesh Fencing

Find out about our Prison Mesh Fencing installation service here.

palisade fencing

Palisade Fencing

Find out about our palisade fencing supply and installation here.

Security Fencing FAQs

What are the differences between prison mesh and palisade fencing?

The principle difference between prison mesh and palisade fencing is the security level. Palisade fencing tends to be used for light security areas. Prison mesh fencing is more useful for places that need to be highly protected due to their anti-climb properties and their clear view for CCTV.

What is security fencing?

Commercial security fencing is an enclosure built around a commercial property with the sole intention of protecting the area. Typical uses for security fencing are surrounding car parks, storage facilities, and other open areas. 

What are the benefits of security fence panels?

The benefits of commercial security fencing are as follows:

  • Works as a deterrent
  • Identifies security risks before bad things happen
  • Making visitors and employees feel safe 

What is palisade fencing?

Palisade fencing is used for low-security areas. The materials are structured closely side by side.

What is prison mesh fencing?

Prison mesh fencing is made welding thick metal wire a each intersection. Climbing prison mesh fencing is very difficult adding an extra level of security.


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