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What are bollards?

Bollards are solid, vertical posts found in harbours, roads and industrial sites. They are used to form a perimeter, whether it be a shop, a barrier in a street or a carpark overnight. At Unison, we offer telescopic and static bollards for industrial premises and roads. The posts tend to be made from materials that are not only solid but weather-resistant. Bollards are most commonly made from steel and filled with concrete however, bollards can also be made from aluminium, plastic, stainless steel and cast iron.

Where should bollards be placed?

The placement of a bollard depends on their purpose. If a bollard is used for security reasons, several regulations must be met. According to the Traffic Advisory Leaflet amended by the Department for Transport in October 2017, bollards must be ‘positioned to maximise blast stand-off distance, and spaced at a maximum air gap (between bollards) of 1,200mm’ to meet security requirements.

Placement of bollards to limit or control pedestrian flow also has a set of specifications laid out in the same leaflet: ‘sites that experience high volumes of pedestrian use must accommodate movement safely, and at the required level of comfort and convenience.’ If you are purchasing bollards from Unison for pedestrian control, we guarantee placement that meets these guidelines.

telescopic bollard in Sofia

Telescopic Bollards

Find out about our telescopic bollards here.

static bollard

Static Bollards

Find out about our static bollards here.

What are the applications of a bollard system?

There are a few applications of the bollard system:

Light Security Needs

You may have a need for bollards in an area with a low-security risk. Bollards can be used in car parks, shop fronts, schools and to control traffic. These bollards are normally quite widely spaced to allow a lot of people to walk through but also to control the flow of traffic. We recommend either static or telescopic for light security areas.

Medium to High-Security Needs

Places such as military bases, hospitals, football stadiums and government facilities would need more securely placed bollards. The placement would need to be closer together to reduce traffic flow even more and slow down the pace of potential threats. Bollards can also reduce the risk of crashes into shopfronts etc. We recommend both static or telescopic bollards for light security areas.

What bollards do we have in stock?

Here at Unison, we have two types of bollards in stock. For more information on telescopic bollards and static bollards, click the buttons above.


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