Height restriction barriers are designed specifically to allow access to a site for cars and smaller, lighter vehicles. They control the entry of higher vehicles by means of a height bar which is sometimes adjustable. This bar then pre-warns the vehicles wishing to gain access to the area that their vehicle may be too high.

If larger vehicles ever did need to gain access to the restricted area, when required to the barrier can sometimes be unlocked and pushed 180 degrees depending on the type of barrier you have installed.

Unison Integrated Technology designs, supplies and installs vehicle height restriction barriers providing an ideal solution for the prevention of access to unauthorised areas such as staff car parks or even unground, low-level car parks by large vehicles.

We can provide all types of height restriction barriers including single and double leaf opening, bar of different materials such as Aluminium, Galvanised and plastic and swing type compact height restriction barriers.

Each height restriction barrier is tailor-made for your business and therefore can be designed it various colours to match the colours of your company. Also, due to the amount of the car park barriers we supply, we offer a cost-effective solution ensuring we are the first choice for many companies for height restriction barriers. Also, they can be made in various lengths with either fixed or spilt swinging cross bar.

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