Bi-folding speed gates, requiring no track are suitable for any site where speed of gate opening is important, or where space is limited.  Torque-driven motors linked to a crank arm enable the gate to fold into its open position.

These gates are either available:

Spanning up to 3.5 metres when made as a single leaf construction

Spanning up to 7 metres when made in a bi-folding construction

The extremely effective drive motor can open these gates in around three seconds, approximately twice as quickly as traditional swing leaf gates.

As security gates, our bi-folding speed gates tend to range between 2.4 and 3 metres in height.  Height can be tailored to you, the client's needs, as can the software supplied and installed with the gates.

Emergency service vehicles and any sites requiring strong security whilst needing a method of coping with a fast throughput of traffic can benefit from these.

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Bi-folding Electric Gate

Additional warning sounds, warning lights and spiked tops can be supplied and installed as part of the service.  The systems are developed to be compatible with almost any access control options including:-

• Key switch

• Voice/Video intercom access

• Proximity Cards

• Keypad entry

• Token machines

• Remote control fobs

Maintenance and servicing packages are also available.