Retail CCTV Security Systems

Highly experienced CCTV specialists, we design, supply, install, maintain and repair CCTV systems for all sizes of retail operation. This can range from individual stores to town centre locations, out of town retail parks and shopping centres and malls.

These services are available throughout the UK. We can design a CCTV security system to your precise requirements. Covering car parks and public walkway areas helps customers to feel that they and their property are safer whilst on your premises.

High value stores such as jewellers can also be provided with well-designed CCTV systems.

Staff who work late and leave in darkness can be given additional reassurance through knowing that well-maintained and designed CCTV camera systems are in operation.


In-house Security & Employee-theft Prevention

Of course we all wish to employ honest people and create an environment which is conducive to an open working relationships based on valuable training, integrity and trust. However, it is a proven fact that employee-theft is responsible for a significant proportion of many businesses costs and losses.

In-house security and employee-theft prevention can be assisted with CCTV installed in warehouse and storage areas, forecourts, food retail outlets and payment kiosks.

Other areas such as back entrances to premises, delivery areas and near tills can also be covered by CCTV in order to act as a deterrent and as a record of events as they occur. Vehicle registrations can also be recorded if people have moved stock to unauthorised vehicles coming to your retail or business premises.

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