Unison Integrated Technology Ltd. supply and install swing gates for property developers, business premises owners, property management agents and other commercial enterprises. We believe that the quality, durability, modern technology in terms of access control and high-security features of our swing gates can be combined to deliver a highly attractive solution.

What is a swing gate?

Swing gates refer to any that open like the stereotypical gate: from a hinge and similar to a door. At Unison, our swing gates are not just large, heavy industrial gates for large company car parks, but also smaller swing gates that might stop school children getting on to the road during playtime or deter trespassers. A secure perimeter requires a method of getting in and out and a swing gate is the easiest, secure entrance/exit option.

Why choose Unison for Vehicle Barrier Swing Gates?

At Unison, we pride ourself on focusing solely on the security and ease of use of our gates. Any swing gate that you choose to install can be automated, not only for added convenience to yourself, staff, and guests, but to minimise any security risk of trespassers or of young children leaving accidentally.

Additionally, we have 25 years experience in the security industry and all our installers are DBS checked, offering you peace of mind throughout the installation process. We install security systems for a range of industries and have particular experience in schools and nurseries. We understand how important your office security is to you.

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