We can design and install CCTV cameras and surveillance systems for security-sensitive buildings such as airports.  We supply systems which include high intelligence dome cameras, weatherproof CCTV cameras and pan and tilt cameras housed within and supported by mounts which are designed to accommodate impacts.  Housings and mounts are designed to restrict tampering or interference with the camera itself.

Explosion-proof camera housings and cameras built to survive the stresses of explosive gases are also available. Integrated housing w and pan and tilt technology can be combined to provide highly reliable image recording in all conditions.

We can work with IT security companies and those who provide consulting on counter-terrorism and specialist areas of defense.  Unison Integrated Technology Ltd can also work alongside design and build consultancies and architects, providing our experience in the design and installation of CCTV systems and access control technology.

Airport Multi-Storey Car Park CCTV

Our CCTV design, installation and maintenance services can be utilised by airports in both open-air and multi-storey car parks located at airports throughout the UK.

These provide robust, reliable and essential security cover, creating peace of mind of customers and passengers using short stay and long-stay car parking facilities and also providing vital data as a deterrent and necessary security coverage against theft, unauthorised access out of hours and anti-terrorism surveillance.

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