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Static bollards always remain stationary unlike telescopic bollards which can be raised or lowered at will, static bollards remain at a fixed height. Static bollards are commonly used for areas that always prohibit cars. They stop people cutting through carparks, limit pedestrian flow and stop vehicles parking in unwanted areas such as in front of doors. Unison Integrated Technology Ltd. can provide static bollards in a range of materials for your needs.

What is a static bollard?

A static bollard, also known as a fixed bollard, remains sturdy and still always. Areas that never require vehicular access or always need to control foot traffic flow would benefit from static bollards. These bollards can never be moved and act as a barrier without restricting major access.

What type of materials are our bollards available in?

At Unison Integrated Technology Ltd. we provide bollards made from the following materials


Cast Iron

Ductile Iron


Recycled plastic

Stainless Steel


Cast aluminum

Mild Steel

Some of these materials are only applicable for telescopic bollards, such as timber. You can view our telescopic bollards here.

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Where should bollards be placed?

Placement of your bollard depends on why you are installing the bollard. Those used for security reasons, as static bollards often are, require regulations to be met that are set out in the Traffic Advisory Leaflet amended by the Department for Transport in October 2017. Security static bollards must be ‘positioned to maximise blast stand-off distance and spaced at a maximum air gap (between bollards) of 1,200mm’ to meet security requirements.

Static bollards can be used for security purposes. Your bollard placement must meet Traffic Advisory Leaflet requirements if you use static bollards for security. At Unison Integrated Technology Ltd. we help you to meet these specifications.

Why choose Unison to install your bollards?

At Unison integrated Technology Ltd, we have over 30 years of combined experience in security provision. Our staff are trained to the highest possible standard, ensuring that any advice we give is highly knowledgeable.

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