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Telescopic Bollards, or sometimes known as telescopic posts, retractable bollards, or rising bollards, provide the user with the ability to raise and lower the bollard at their will. At Unison Integrated Technology Ltd. we have to sell provide a range of security and car parking needs. You can contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

We have years of experience in security provision. We consider ourselves experts in electronic security systems, including the provision of bollards. All our staff are highly trained, and we ensure all advice given is of the highest professional standard. We also provide static bollards.

Our retractable bollards are durable and hardwearing as they have been treated to be weatherproof. They allow you the flexibility to have bollards up or down depending on required access to the property.


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What is a telescopic bollard?

Retractable bollards move up and down at the will of the owner. They are useful when you have an area that is sometimes accessible to vehicles but has restricted access at other times. When vehicles can enter an area, the bollards can be lowered using the telescopic feature, and when vehicles are not allowed, they can be raised easily.


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