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Access Control Supply And Installation

Unison’s Portfolio Unison is one of the leading UK based companies offering Access Control Supply And Installation systems that can be tailored to your requirements. We have a full comprehensive portfolio of large business buildings and developments including schools and colleagues in Birmingham. To arrange a free site visit or for a quotation please contact…

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What is a bollard?

Bollard Supply and Installation A bollard by definition is a ridgid protective device which is designed to provide a resistance to bending / deformation on impact with a vehicle which is normally in the shape of a small verticle post. In the early days a bollard was used at docks in the shape of mushrooms and used…

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Birmingham CCTV system leaves police trust in tatters

Unison Comments… They started appearing a few months ago. Ever since then there has been uproar among some Muslims in the city. At a public meeting this week the crowd started chanting “take them down”. One man shouted: “You’ve got more cameras than communist China,” before walking out in disgust. Another man said some young…

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