Mesh Fencing or Palisade Security Fencing – Which Is Best for Your Business?

If you are looking to install security fencing, you will most likely be choosing between mesh fencing and palisade fencing. Mesh fencing is frequently used for high-security areas such as prisons and psychiatric hospitals. Palisade fencing can be often seen outside schools and more publicly accessible areas like parks or industrial buildings.

If you’re unsure which fencing type to use for your business, we’ll go through the advantages of both types to help you decide.

Security Mesh Fencing

Also known as mesh panel fencing, it consists of either woven or welded mesh. Here are the advantages mesh fencing brings:

  • It can be built higher and can be designed to curve around at the top if required, adding an extra element of security. Palisade fencing lacks this customisation. The height and design make it harder for potential intruders to climb over or vandalise.
  • It is durable. Bad weather will not damage or weaken it and it is rust resistance. It will stand up against being hit by objects such as footballs if used in a school or park.
  • Quick and easy to install on any surface, increasing its versatility for various security uses.
  • It can be partnered with other security measures, for instance, CCTV or security lighting. These can be seamlessly added onto the fencing without affected the design or the aesthetics.
  • Better visibility when looking through it compared with palisade fencing, which due to its thick bars is difficult to see through.
mesh panel fencing

Palisade Security Fencing

Usually made of thin steel bars, let’s have a look at its benefits:

  • The pointed ends act as a further deterrent. Each bar has three sharp extensions at the top, which would cause pain for an intruder if they were caught on them.  
  • The design is hard to mount because it lacks anything to grip on to. If someone did try to climb over, it would likely take a while and make a loud noise, hopefully alerting you to the situation.
  • Low maintenance other than checking for loose screws and bolts. It can also be easily painted or powder coated to suit its environment.
  • Is not as physically imposing on a setting as it isn’t as high. Doesn’t give the sense of being enclosed in, hence used in public places more.
  • Easily installable with matching gates which provide access to premises.
palisade fencing

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