Why Choose a Birmingham CCTV Company?

Location, Projects & Presitge

There are many CCTV companies throughout the UK offering surveillance services so you may wonder why a Birmingham CCTV company is better than the others?

The main reason is due to location. Birmingham is a centrally located city with excellent transport links to the rest of the UK; this means that the CCTV installers can easily attend any premises in the country.

Also, as Birmingham is a large cosmopolitan city, there are many large CCTV projects that have been carried out, such as at schools, colleges and shopping centres. This means that the majority of Birmingham CCTV companies will have experience in large projects and be able to undertake the task of installing CCTV in your premises.

We at Unison are the leading Birmingham CCTV company, having completed installations for the likes of King Edward Schools, Newman University and Chelmsley Wood Shopping Centre. Contact us today for a free quote on your CCTV installation.