Security Services

Security, surveillance and access control to our businesses is paramount in protecting our assets. Did you know that during the month of July there were 1189 reported crimes in the city of Birmingham alone, 57 of which were burglary? This highlights the need for full security systems around your premises.


Nowadays, we are all used to being filmed by CCTV cameras wherever we go – whether it is at a shopping centre, shoe shop, or potentially friends’ houses. It has become so common that the general public do not even question the fact that they are being continually watched. However, from a business point of view, CCTV is vital for a number of reasons.
From a security point of view, installing a CCTV system acts as a deterrent as well as a medium for identifying perpetrators. Installing CCTV cameras in and around your premises can often deter criminals from attempting to enter your property as they know that their actions will be caught on video.
If you are unlucky enough to experience crime at your business, then having a CCTV system installed dramatically increases the chances of the criminal being caught. Modern CCTV cameras capture high quality images so faces and distinguishing features are easily identifiable – long gone are the days of a grainy black and white CCTV image. It can also be an important factor in reducing your business insurances and making a successful damages claim.

Car Park Barriers and Automatic Gates

Controlling who enters your business premises is paramount in ensuring that your business is secure. The first line of defence is often the entrance to the car park or premises gates; these need to be sturdy and secure to prevent any unauthorised access.
Car park barriers and gates often deter would-be car thieves from targeting your premises – stealing a car would be of no consequence if they could not get it out of the car park! This is an obvious advantage of having this type of security.
Similarly, having an access controlled car park barrier or entry gates would mean that you could monitor who is coming on to your business premises at what times. This could help eliminate employees abusing their car park access rights, as well as ensure that everyone using the car park is an authorised member of personnel.
Controlled access gates can complement the exterior appearance of your business as well as provide security solutions. Having improved security is a positive reflection of your business and this will look impressive to any clients or potential customers who may be visiting your premises.

Access Control Systems

Access control systems allow you to manage who has admittance into your business premises. There are many different systems available on the market, but they all have the same goal – to prevent unwanted visitors into your building.
Access control systems refer to security for main entrances, such as keypads and fob-entry, as well as internal door security. This means that there is a potential for each employee to have their own fob or access code, therefore allowing you to monitor their movements. Similarly, access can be restricted for certain employees or visitors, improving overall security e.g. visitors not having access to the room holding employee records.
Having an internal access control system will also limit the amount of damage any intruder can inflict. This is because they will not be able to move freely through the building, thus hindering any attempts to access restricted areas.
Ensuring that your business is protected by the appropriate security can bring with it a large price tag. Naturally, you want the best value for money teamed with the best products and ongoing customer service. Unison Integrated Technology Limited is a leading provider of security and access solutions. The Birmingham-based company supply and fit a range of electronic security systems ranging from CCTV systems, to automated car park barriers, to swipe card operated access control systems…plus much more.
Unison Integrated Technology Limited are specialists in installing complete security systems for schools, colleges and nurseries. Their clients include Regents College in London, Hillcrest Secondary School, King Edward VI Schools and Newman University College, among others. With recent stories in the media about the treatment of children in nurseries and schools, CCTV and security systems are a good way for businesses to ensure that their employees are acting appropriately, and can also be used in case of any accusations made by the children. This is an unfortunate, but necessary justification for spending on CCTV. As they have worked with a number of educational establishments previously, Unison Integrated Technologies Limited have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the job to the highest standard. All of their staff have undergone the training relevant to this sector and provide the best advice on how they can meet your requirements.
Unison Integrated Technologies have a wealth of experience in installing security systems for educational establishments, as well as council buildings and other assorted businesses. Their expertise is second to none and as they have to order large amount of equipment from suppliers to meet their heavy workload, they have excellent relationships with suppliers, ensuring that you get the best quality equipment with exceptional value for money.