Features of HD CCTV Cameras

CCTV Cameras in HD

The world of CCTV cameras has changed dramatically over the past few years. The original black and white grainy images have been replaced with full colour high definition recordings with infrared night vision also. The newest generation of HD CCTV cameras also have extra technology integrated such as face recognition, making them even more powerful and the cutting edge of development. Keep reading for more information on the latest wave of CCTV camera features available for your home or business today.

True Day/Night Options

Infrared cameras have been around for years and work brilliantly in the dark to pick up images. However, having infrared fitted to cameras recording day-time images is a hindrance. This is because the cameras have the ability to pick up clear daytime images using natural infrared light, therefore the infrared on the camera does not need to be there.

To combat this and ensure perfect performance day and night, the latest HD CCTV cameras have motorised infrared filters. These filters are over the camera during the day to filter out the natural infrared light allowing the camera to capture the truest images possible. When it begins to get dark, the filter removed itself from its position in front of the lens and the camera is able to function as normal. This means that images captured in the evening and night we also be of the truest form.

720p or 1080p?

High definition images are defined to be 720p or above; true high definition being 1080p at the moment. HD CCTV cameras now have the functionality to record images at these high definition rates, meaning that the clarity of the colour and figures will be sharp.

1080p provides a higher level of definition that 720p, but are generally quite a lot more expensive to buy. Both will give your home or business adequate CCTV coverage and recorded images that will show exactly what is happening on and around your premises.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial cable is used in broadcast services and is what we use at Unison to install our video surveillance equipment. This is because it provides the best picture possible and does not need to be networked therefore no quality is lost in translation between the camera and the recorder; the cables plug into each camera and then into the recorder individually. This is important when trying to convey HD CCTV images.

HD PTZ Cameras

Installing high definition cameras with the pan-tilt-zoom function offers the best in CCTV surveillance for your business. The PTZ function means that you are able to track activity and movement around your premises, either by setting the camera to do a regular scan path, or controlling the camera manually. Either way, you will have a 360 degree view around the area and the zoom function means that you can focus on anything which may be of interest.

The fact that the images are HD means that even after a zoom has been completed, the image is clear and faces easily identifiable.

HD CCTV cameras are by far superior to the older standard resolution ones, for both clarity and colour, night and day. If you want the best security for your premises, choose a HD CCTV security system.