CCTV for Businesses

CCTV is a prerequisite expense for most Birmingham businesses. This is because it has lots of uses and advantages. The main ones include crime prevention, crime detection, prosecution of offenders and staff security.

Crime Prevention

CCTV cameras can be a great way of deterring would-be criminals from targeting your business. This is because they are a physical presence and people will be aware that their actions as a result of the cameras being there will be recorded. In some cases, this will deter criminals from entering the premises.

Crime Detection and Prosecution

When a crime has been committed, the first thing people wonder is ‘How did this happen? Who did this?’ . A CCTV system will be able to answer these questions with vivid images and a step-by-step account of the incident.
With the introduction of HD CCTV systems, the pictures generated from the cameras are even clearer. This means that the criminals can be identified easier and more reliably. Such information and pictures can also be used in a court of law to secure a conviction, meaning that they are invaluable in such situations.

Staff Security

There are often disputes in the workplace regarding staff behaviour or in instances when an incident occurs and the culprit cannot be found, leading to finger-pointing and a feeling or unrest within the business. However, the installation of a CCTV system could stop or at least limit this behaviour. This is because there would be clear video evidence of the incident, therefor leaving no doubt as to whom the culprit is.

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of debate surrounding the installation of CCTV in schools and nurseries. One argument is that there are too many cameras watching the children all of the time and therefore there is an opportunity for this footage to be abused. However, the counter argument is that CCTV in nurseries and schools is necessary for the protection of both children and staff. This is because, accusations of any mal-practice by staff can be made easily and each one must be investigated thoroughly. The CCTV footage can serve as a proof that there was foul play, or as a proof of innocence for staff. Obviously, in the majority of cases the proof of innocence is the biggest outcome of the CCTV footage.

There is little doubt then that regardless of the type of business, installing CCTV to the inside and outside of your premises is necessary. At Unison, all of our engineers are experienced and offer only the best quality service and after-care. Our friendly staff will install only quality systems to ensure that you get the most out of your new CCTV system.
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