CCTV Installation Smethwich

Unison Integrated Technology is Smethwich's leading expert in CCTV security installations for the commercial and public sector, with clients such as Regents College London, King Edward Schools, Hill Crest School, Bordesley Green Girls School, and leading colleagues such as the Academy and Newmans College Birmingham, amongst others.

Trusted CCTV Installation Smethwich

Getting a free quotation for a CCTV installation at your Smethwick office or workplace is within our reach since we are a highly trusted and experienced CCTV Smethwick company located at the Sandwell Business Park. Having a client base predominantly made up of schools and blue chip companies, we understand that we have to design our CCTV solutions to meet your requirements. Our installers are fully trained and able to deliver high quality installations.

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Why Choose Unison For Your CCTV System?

  • Unison will ensure that you have a secure and reliable CCTV solution in Smethwick, no matter how large or small your needs are. We provide sufficient support and training on how to get the most out of the technology.
  • In addition to installing a brand-new system, we can do upgrades on existing systems, as well as servicing, regular maintenance, and repairs on your present CCTV system to ensure that it is always performing at its best. For internal and exterior cameras in Smethwick, we offer both fixed and wireless connectivity.
  • We can also install a newly purchased third-party system or provide guidance on how to secure the building. We'll collaborate with you to provide you with the most effective and cost-effective protection possible!
  • Our Smethwick CCTV installation expertise ensures that you receive exactly what you want. Avoid blind spots and reflections with cameras that are as apparent or as inconspicuous as you want them to be.

Contact us today to arrange a survey and no-obligation quote for your business CCTV installation in Smethwick.

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For more information on CCTV design and installation for schools,  colleges and Universities please contact us on 0121 544 8470 or email