Car Park Barriers Walsall

There are parking lot barriers in Walsall that protect access to parking lots and other restricted areas. The commercial and industrial sectors of Walsall rely on Unison Integrated Technology to provide, install, and maintain both manual and automatic car park barriers.

Car Park Barrier Services Walsall

As one of the leading experts in barriers, we install car park barriers in Walsall as well as offer maintenance agreements and urgent repair services. We also provide bi-folding speed gates, swinging gates, and turnstiles in addition to barrier systems.

These security solutions would be very helpful for many companies, including supermarkets, retail and business parks, and schools. Our parking barriers don't need to be maintained and are made to endure a very long period.

Walsall has access to our services. To learn more about these services, schedule a free site visit, or get an estimate, contact our West Midlands office at 0121 544 8470, or send an email to

While Unison offers both, Walsall has both manual and automated parking barriers. Several considerations, such as the quantity of space available, how frequently access is necessary, and the type of traffic in the region, will determine which option is best for you.

Manual Car Park Barriers in Walsall

In Walsall, a manual parking lot barrier is widely utilised when a lot has to be open for part of the day and closed for the rest. Cars can enter the manual parking barrier when it is up, but when it is down, it is sturdy and impermeable. A manual parking barrier would be perfect for a free parking area that is only accessible from 7 AM to 7 PM.

car park automatic opening and closing barrier
Rasing arm barrier protecting entrance

Automatic Car Park Barriers in Walsall

The independent security and access of a Walsall automatic car park barrier, however, allow for a larger range of uses. Automatic car park barriers are employed in a number of situations, including controlling traffic flow and prohibiting through traffic, even though they are most frequently utilised in parking lots and as a safety precaution for constrained locations.