Car Park Barriers Sutton Coldfield

Parking lot barriers are stationed at the entrances to Sutton Coldfield's restricted zones, including parking lots. Unison Integrated Technology supplies, installs, and maintains both manual and automatic parking barriers for Sutton Coldfield's commercial and industrial sectors.

Car Park Barrier Services Sutton Coldfield

Being one of the top specialists in barriers, we construct parking barriers in Sutton Coldfield. We also provide emergency repair services and maintenance agreements. In addition to barrier systems, we also provide swinging gates, turnstiles, and bi-folding speed gates.

Several businesses, such as supermarkets, retail centers, schools, and business parks, would find these security systems to be quite beneficial. We don't need to repair our parking barriers since they are built to last a very long time.

We provide our services to Sutton Coldfield. For further information, to schedule a free site inspection, or to obtain a quote, call our West Midlands office at 0121 544 8470. You may also reach by email.

Unlike Unison, which has a single parking barrier, Sutton Coldfield has both manual and automated parking barriers. The best option for you will rely on several aspects, such as the volume of space available, the frequency of access needed, and the type of traffic in the region.

Manual Car Park Barriers in Sutton Coldfield

When a parking lot must be open for a portion of the day and closed for the remainder, Sutton Coldfield residents frequently use a manual parking lot barrier. When the manual parking barrier is up, it can be driven through, but when it is down, it is sturdy and impenetrable. For free parking that is only available from 7 AM to 7 PM, a manual parking barrier would be ideal.

open automatic barrier enterance view
Automatic car park barrier

Automatic Car Park Barriers in Sutton Coldfield

A Sutton Coldfield automatic parking barrier, however, offers autonomous security and access, allowing for a greater variety of purposes. Although automatic parking barriers are mostly employed in parking lots and as a safety precaution for restricted areas, they are also utilised in other scenarios, such as regulating traffic flow and banning through traffic.