Car Park Barriers Oldbury

In Oldbury, parking lot barriers have been installed to safeguard entry to parking lots and other restricted areas. For customers in the corporate and industrial sectors in and around Oldbury, Unison Integrated Technology offers, installs, and maintains both manual and automatic parking barriers.

Car Park Barrier Services Oldbury

Being one of the top specialists in barriers, we provide urgent repair services, maintenance agreements, and car park barrier installation in Oldbury. In addition to barrier systems, we also provide swinging gates, bi-folding speed gates, and turnstiles.

Supermarkets, retail and business parks, schools, and other businesses would all benefit greatly from these security systems. Our parking barriers are built to last a very long time and don't require any maintenance.

We provide Oldbury our services. For further information about these services, to arrange a free site inspection, or to receive an estimate, please email or call our office at 0121 544 8470.

Oldbury has both automatic and manual parking barriers, in contrast to Unison. Which choice is ideal for you will depend on a number of factors, including the amount of space available, how often access is required, and the kind of traffic in the area.

Manual Car Park Barriers in Oldbury

When a parking lot in Oldbury has to be open for part of the day and closed for the remainder, a manual parking lot barrier is frequently used. The manual parking barrier is impermeable and robust while it is down, but cars can still enter it when it is up. For a free parking space that is only open from 7 AM to 7 PM, a manual parking barrier would be ideal.

Manual Raise Barrier services
automatic barrier with carpark space counter

Automatic Car Park Barriers in Oldbury

The independent security and access offered by an Oldbury automatic parking barrier enable a wider variety of applications. Although automatic parking barriers are mostly used in parking lots and as a safety precaution for restricted areas, they are also used in other scenarios, such as regulating traffic flow and banning through traffic.