Access Control Systems Wolverhampton

Unison provides access control systems in Wolverhampton for various kinds of access control applications, ranging from a basic fingerprint access control system for a single door to a fully integrated multi-site system that controls hundreds of doors.

Unison offers a range of proximity scanners, smart card readers, audio/video entry systems, and biometric access controllers to help you create and deploy the finest access control system possible.

Card Access Control Systems in Wolverhampton

Our organisation offers Wolverhampton-based businesses some of the best access control solutions available. These include proximity cards, key fobs, and card-interacting systems.

We buy in bulk, so we can provide new cards and fobs at the greatest costs, whether you use a PC-based system or a freestanding one.

access control system installation Wolverhampton

Door Access Control Systems in Wolverhampton

One of the top suppliers of access control and door entry systems in the UK is Unison. At Regents College, we implemented over 200 door entry points, the Hosting Company's data facilities, and incredibly secure biometric systems. We make sure to provide door entry system delivery, installation, and maintenance since we understand how important access control is. We provide the whole spectrum of services, so contact us if you need help with a recently installed or established access control system in the Wolverhampton area.

For the purpose of securing a workplace, warehouse, or other business facility, we can offer more than just door security. a Wolverhampton door entry system that deters outsiders from accessing your safe home, place of business, or place of living. Arguably the most common kind of door entry mechanism is a keypad that requires a code to be input before the door can open. However, there are other varieties as well, such intercoms, biometrics, video intercoms, and key card or fob systems. Door entry systems may be used by employers and company owners in Wolverhampton that operate in commercial settings to improve the security of their locations.

Intercom Systems & Monitors in Wolverhampton

Standard intercoms seen in homes and flats are comparable to business intercoms. Two-way communication is facilitated via an intercom that uses audio or audio-visual technologies. You can utilise an intercom to observe who is at the door if you have any concerns that someone might want to enter your workplace. Then, you can use Unison's clever algorithms to unlock the gate. We can give you with intercom system monitors, which let you see who is approaching and communicate with them via an audio system.

What we provide are wireless intercom systems. Thanks to wireless intercom systems, voice contact between intercom stations is possible without the need to run cables. This implies that everyone working in the workplace may listen in on messages and respond via the intercom from any location within the structure.

Our Access Control Services in Wolverhampton