Access Control Systems Smethwick

From a simple fingerprint access control system for a single door to a fully integrated multi-site system that manages hundreds of doors, Unison offers access control systems in Smethwick for a variety of access control applications.

In order to assist you in designing and implementing the best access control system possible, Unison provides a variety of proximity scanners, smart card readers, audio/video entry systems, and biometric access controllers.

Card Access Control Systems in Smethwick

Our company provides some of the best access control systems accessible to businesses located in Smethwick. These consist of card-interacting systems, key fobs, and proximity cards.

Whether you utilise a PC-based system or a standalone one, we purchase in bulk so that we can provide replacement cards and fobs at the lowest prices.

access control system installation Smethwick

Door Access Control Systems in Smethwick

Unison is one of the leading providers of door entry and access control systems in the UK. We installed more than 200 door access points, the Hosting Company's data centres, and highly secure biometric systems at Regents College. Given how crucial access control is, we take care to offer door entry system delivery, installation, and maintenance. Reach out to us for assistance with any aspect of an established or freshly implemented Smethwick access control system—we offer the whole range of services.

We can provide more than door security to safeguard an office building, warehouse, or other commercial space. a Smethwick door entry system that keeps trespassers out of your secure residence, place of employment, or place of residence. A keypad that needs a code entered before the door can open is arguably the most popular type of door entry system. There are, nonetheless, additional variations as well, including key card or fob systems, video intercoms, biometrics, and intercoms. Employers and business owners in Smethwick who run in commercial environments may increase the security of their spaces by using door entry systems.


Intercom Systems & Monitors in Smethwick

Business intercoms are similar to standard intercoms found in apartments and houses. An audio-visual intercom that employs technology enables two-way communication. If you are worried about someone trying to enter your place of business, you may use an intercom to see who is at the door. The gate may then be unlocked using Unison's advanced algorithms. We can provide you with monitors for an intercom system, allowing you to see who is approaching and speak with them via an audio system.

Our offerings include wireless intercom systems. Voice communication between intercom stations is possible without the need to run wires thanks to wireless intercom systems. This suggests that any employee may use the intercom from anywhere in the building to listen in on messages and reply.

Our Access Control Services in Smethwick