Access Control Systems Harborne

Unison provides access control system solutions for all kinds of applications, ranging from a fingerprint-based fingerprint access control system for a single door to a fully integrated multi-site system that oversees hundreds of doors in Harborne.

Unison offers an array of proximity scanners, smart card readers, audio/video entry systems, and biometric access controllers to help you create and execute the best possible access control system.

Card Access Control Systems in Harborne

Our company offers some of the best access control solutions to Harborne businesses. These include proximity cards, key fobs, and card-interacting systems.

Because we buy in bulk, we can provide new cards and fobs at the greatest prices, regardless of whether your system is PC-based or freestanding.

access control system installation in Harborne

Door Access Control Systems in Harborne

Unison is a leading door entry and access control system supplier in the UK. Almost two hundred door entry points, the Hosting Company's data centres, and highly secure biometric technologies were all integrated at Regents College. We understand the importance of access control, which is why we take care to supply door entry system delivery, installation, and maintenance. If you need assistance with an access control system that has been installed lately or is presently in use, get in touch with us as we offer the full range of services in the Harborne region.

For the protection of an office building, warehouse, or other commercial area, we can offer more than just door security. a door entry system to prevent unauthorised individuals from entering your property, business, or private Harborne home. Arguably the most common sort of door entry mechanism is the keypad, which requires the entry of a code before the door can be opened. Nonetheless, there are other varieties as well, including biometrics, video intercoms, intercoms, and key card or fob systems. Door entry systems are one way for businesses in Harborne that operate in commercial settings to improve security.

Intercom Systems & Monitors in Harborne

Business intercoms are similar to standard intercoms found in apartments and houses. An audio-visual intercom with advanced technology allows for two-way communication. If you have any suspicions that someone might wish to enter your office, you can use an intercom to see who is at the door. After then, Unison's complex algorithms can be used to open the gate. We are able to provide you with intercom system monitors so you can see who is approaching and speak with them.

We provide wireless intercom systems. Wireless intercom systems do not require cables, allowing voice communication between intercom stations. This implies that everyone in the office is able to respond to messages transmitted over the intercom and listen in from wherever in the building.


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