Access Control Systems Bromsgrove

From a basic fingerprint access control system for a single door to a fully integrated multi-site system that manages hundreds of doors in Bromsgrove, Unison offers solutions for any type of application when it comes to access control systems.

To assist you in designing and implementing the greatest access control system possible, Unison provides a selection of proximity scanners, smart card readers, audio/video entry systems, and biometric access controllers.

Card Access Control Systems in Bromsgrove

Our organisation provides some of the top access control systems available to businesses in Bromsgrove. These consist of card-interacting systems, key fobs, and proximity cards.

Whether you use a freestanding or PC-based system, we can offer new cards and fobs at the best prices because we buy in bulk.

access control system and fire alarm installation in Bromsgrove

Door Access Control Systems in Bromsgrove

One of the top suppliers of access control and door entry systems in the UK is Unison. At Regents College, we implemented over 200 door entry points, the Hosting Company's data centres, and extremely safe biometric systems. We take care to provide door entry system delivery, installation, and maintenance since we recognise how important access control is. We provide the whole range of services in the Bromsgrove area, so contact us if you need help with an access control system that has been installed recently or that is currently in place.

We can provide more than just door security to secure an office building, warehouse, or other business space. a door entry system to keep unauthorised people out of your secure Bromsgrove home, place of business, or property. Keypad door entry mechanisms, which require the entry of a code before the door can be opened, are arguably the most popular type. Other types do exist, though, such as key card or fob systems, biometrics, video intercoms, and intercoms. Businesses in Bromsgrove that operate in commercial settings can increase the security of their locations by implementing door entry systems.

Intercom Systems & Monitors in Bromsgrove

Standard intercoms seen in homes and flats are comparable to business intercoms. Two-way communication is made possible by a technologically advanced audio-visual intercom. You can utilise an intercom to observe who is at the door if you have any suspicions that someone might want to enter your office. After that, the gate can be opened by applying Unison's sophisticated algorithms. We can supply you intercom system monitors so you can see who is approaching and communicate with them via voice.

Wireless intercom systems are what we offer. Voice contact between intercom stations is possible with wireless intercom systems because they do not require cables. This suggests that everyone in the office has the ability to listen in from anywhere in the building and reply to messages sent over the intercom.


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