Access Control System Installation

You have control over gates and doors with Unison CCTV's access control systems. We provide wireless access control system installation that is both convenient and adaptable.

It is an affordable alternative to using traditional keys and locks to secure admission to your house, in addition to being secure.

Access tokens or keypad-activated PINs are given out to allow admission through regulated entries. To optimise security, these lock automatically whenever the door or gate is closed.

When you install a door or gate system, access tokens or PINs prevent unauthorised individuals from entering your property. Unison CCTV specialists in PC-based and standalone system design, installation, and maintenance. To make sure your property receives the proper installation of an access control system, get in touch with us right now.

Standalone Access Control System Installation

Within a property, standalone systems offer restricted access to one or more entrances. For a smaller property with fewer residents, this is the perfect choice. You can use a keypad to input a PIN or use an access card to gain entry to the property.

This kind of system has the advantage of being simple to handle tokens and easily expandable to meet changing needs.

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Access Control system installation services

PC Based Access Control System Installation

Through the use of a centrally managed network, PC-based access control systems provide controlled entry to one or more doors within a property. Upon installation of your access control system, entry is granted by utilising a hands-free token, presenting a proximity or magstripe token, or entering a PIN via a keypad.

Benefits of this kind of system include incident reporting, flexible entry control for individuals or designated groups accessing larger properties, and the possibility to combine with other security systems like CCTV security systems for homes and small businesses and intruder alarms.

One of the optional programming for both systems is to schedule doors to unlock at a certain time to allow authorised access. Tokens can be readily banned from the system to prevent unauthorised entrance if they are lost, stolen, or not returned. Even better, installing an access control system eliminates the need to buy new keys or replace locks ever again!

Why Choose Unison?

A team of certified engineers will install the access control system and make sure it is operating efficiently when we decide on an installation date and the design has received your approval.

The Unison access control technicians will tailor a solution that meets your specific requirements after taking into account variables like location, access times, and the necessary level of security. We take great care to be consultative in our approach and make every effort to communicate our recommendations to the clients so you have input on things at all times.

We exclusively work with the most dependable experts who have the know-how to set new benchmarks for technological brilliance. Our engineers take great pleasure in their flexibility and punctuality, and they are stationed all throughout the UK. This implies that whenever necessary, we are able to establish and manage access control systems!

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