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It is important to ensure that update your policies and include a “Use of CCTV Policy”.

This should include:-

******** Nursery has in place a CCTV surveillance system. Images are monitored and recorded and will be used in strict accordance with this policy.

The Nursery Manager is responsible for the operation of the system and for ensuring compliance with this policy and the procedures documented in the Procedures Manual.

Data Protection Act 1998:
C.C.T.V. digital images, if they show a recognisable person, are Personal Data and are covered by the Data Protection Act.

The Nursery CCTV system
The system comprises: Fixed position cameras; Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras; Monitors: Multiplexers; digital recorders; Public information signs.

Cameras will be located at strategic points, principally outside the main entrance, within each of the rooms and the conservatory and sleep room. No camera will be hidden from

Signs will be prominently placed at strategic points and at the entrance to the building staff, parents/carers, visitors and members of the public that a CCTV installation is in

Although every effort has been made to ensure maximum effectiveness of the system it is not possible to guarantee that the system will detect every incident taking place within the area of coverage.

Purpose of the system
The system has been installed by the Nursery with the primary purpose of ensuring the safety of children in our care, and helping to ensure the safety of all staff, parents/carers and visitors consistent with respect for the individuals’ privacy.

These purposes will be achieved by monitoring the system to:

• Ensure that children are appropriately cared for
• assist in the prevention and detection of crime
• facilitate the identification of any activities/event which might warrant disciplinary proceedings being taken against staff and assist in providing evidence to the
Nursery Manager.
• Provide opportunities for staff training

The system will not be used:
• to provide recorded images for the world-wide-web.
• To provide images for a third party, other than the Police in the course of their enquiries.

Images captured by the system will be monitored and recorded in the office, twenty-four hours a day throughout the whole year. Monitors are not visible from outside the Centre.
It is recognised that images are sensitive material and subject to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998; the Nursery Manager is responsible for ensuring day to day compliance with the Act. All tapes will be handled in strict accordance with this policy and
the procedures.

Digital recordings are made using digital video recorders operating in real time mode. Images will normally be retained for thirteen days from the date of recording, and then automatically over written.

Access to images
Access to images will be restricted to those staff who need to have access in accordance with the purposes of the system.

Disclosure of recorded material will only be made to third parties in strict accordance with the purposes of the system and is limited to the following authorities:

• Law enforcement agencies where images recorded would assist in a criminal enquiry and/or the prevention of terrorism and disorder
• Prosecution agencies
• People whose images have been recorded and retained unless disclosure to the individual would prejudice criminal enquiries or criminal proceedings.
• Emergency services in connection with the investigation of an accident.

Access to images by a staff member, parent/carer or visitor
C.C.T.V. digital images, if they show a recognisable person, are Personal Data and are covered by the Data Protection Act. Anyone who believes that they have been filmed by C.C.T.V. is entitled to ask for a copy of the data, subject to the prohibitions on access also covered by the Data Protection Act. They do not have the right of instant access, they must abide by the Data Protection procedures.

A person whose image has been recorded and retained and who wishes access to the data must apply in writing to the Nursery Manager.

The Nursery Manager will then arrange for viewing of the images and subsequent discussion of content.

The Data Protection Act gives the Nursery Manager the right to refuse a request for a copy of the data particularly where such access could prejudice the prevention or detection of crime or the apprehension or prosecution of offenders.

If it is decided that a data subject access request is not to be complied with, the reasons will be fully documented and the data subject informed, whenever possible in writing, stating the reasons.





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